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The Shadow Knows

September 4, 2014
"Pick me something"

“Pick me something”

The phenological fall on the farm arrives much earlier than the school calendar we are all too familiar with.  For weeks now we have been watching the bird species shift and the full-time farm inhabitants fall into full harvest mode.  Squirrels are squirreling, and the woodpeckers are pecking.  One time chores are getting crossed off the list as the days tick away.

The hens got the last of the winter squash stored from last year, our new crop looks to be stupendous, or if not stupendous, at least ample.

The ravens are present in the morning at second chore to wait for eggs, they know I found the first pullet egg four days ago, and am training the pullets to the nest boxes.

The potatoes are harvested and the deer netting is on the carrots.

The calves are cudding to beat the band.

The corn is inching towards ripening, cool mountain nights really make growing sweet corn a challenge.  Heat units are everything and we don’t really have them.  Going on 90 days with 67 day corn… .

The dry beans are drying.


bees borage in the pot, nine days old ;) Old farmer’s mondegreen

The winter root crops are swelling.

Onions drying down in the greenhouse and in the barn.

“Don’t go sun!  We love you so!”

More Harvesting

September 2, 2014
Freshly oiled and ready to go

Freshly oiled and ready to go

Trying to get the potatoes harvested has just fallen to the wayside with the hot weather and then waiting out the rain.  It was too hot to store the potatoes just yet, since they would stay cooler in the ground.  But fall’s clock is ticking, and I am running out of daylight every single day.  The soil dried after the rainstorm, so today was the day to begin.

What a difference from in the potato patch in late July (below)  to this week.


The head faithful pup

The head faithful pup

It’s a comfortable day for potato harvesting and taking breaks with the old guy.  He’s got thirteen potato harvests under his collar and he knows we need a break in the drudge work.


Peter Wilcox

Peter Wilcox

So nice to meet you Peter Wilcox, you look delicious!  And kind of prolific too!

I heart fresh tomatoes for lunch.  A perfect late summer day.

Pretty Much Every Day is Labor Day

August 31, 2014

Working in the jungle today.

Somewhere in there is a bucket and some boxes...

Somewhere in there is a bucket and some boxes…


Peppers and tomatoes and a bucket for the squishies

Peppers and tomatoes and a bucket for the squishies


Amish Paste - Kapuler

Amish Paste – Kapuler


Faithful pup :(

Faithful pup :(

Dusk Garden Forays

August 28, 2014
Garden path at the keyline

Garden path at the keyline

August is full of those days when you’re thankful for a barbeque and some greens in the garden that you can nab at the last minute to throw together a hamburger.  The day are getting so short and the fall list so long. Oh yes, and fresh milk to make hamburger buns with…baking with fresh milk is to die for.



Pay dirt!



Wordless Wednesday

August 27, 2014
Vitaverde F1

Vitaverde F1

Cheddar F1

Cheddar F1

National Pickling & Marketmore 76

National Pickling & Marketmore 76




Cute Calves, Beautiful Cow

August 26, 2014



Recuperation Day for Grady

August 26, 2014

Well, actually about a week.

He’s wearing his cone of silence, and we are trying to keep him quiet for about a week…not easy to do with an Aussie who takes his garden job quite seriously.  Luckily with the temps climbing into the 90’s, he can just chill in his favorite spot under the bin table and watch us churn butter and blanch cauliflower.

The older boys are smirking on the porch.


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