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Found objects

February 28, 2008

History is everywhere if you take the time to look.  Living on a homestead that has been continually farmed for over 125 years yields surprises.  I am the last child  of the second to last child, so quite a bit of time has passed since my paternal grandfather first laid eyes on our place.  I am only the 3rd generation in all that time. 

 As a child I longed for a horse, but it wasn’t in the cards. I played with the old harnesses, and saddles that were put away and dug up horse shoes at the site of my maternal grandfathers small blacksmith shop.  I didn’t know then how hard horses were used.  As I look at the shoes now I realize just how many hoof problems horses in those days had and how talented my grandfather must have been at helping these horses.  Many of the shoes are only built up on one side, attesting to the fact that clearing heavily timbered land was no easy task.  My grandfather was also an alcoholic.  I’ve found many a whiskey bottle, some stuck in an old stump and some turned up by the cattle in the woods, that last swig of whiskey just a dim memory after 75 or more years.

The “local” blacksmith shop ca. 1918

Being too sentimental can be a definite weakness,  some of our fence posts have what now look like shrines.  Square nails and spikes, broken Fiestaware, glass shards, and other minutiae of human inhabitants.  Even sillier, are the glass beads that we use to entice baby turkey poults to eat their first feed.  We try to reclaim them but some end up in the compost and then make their way to the garden.  We daydream a lot while we are tending the garden, and when we find a turkey bead – you would think it was a precious ruby or garnet! 

JUNK  Shrine ca. 2008

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We aren’t the only treasure hunters here though.  Trace came up with a giant red Kong toy the other day.  Our German Shepherd, Lucy had a red one that she lost.  She died in 1995 at 17 years of age, and she probably had buried that Kong under the porch or in the bushes when she was 4 or 5.  Now, we don’t let the dogs take their “inside” toys outside.  So now Trace has two, a black one for inside and a grungy old red one for outside.  He treats it like a prized possession, even though Melvin could care less.  At 6, he’s too old for baby stuff!

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Trace’s big prize!

Jed E. Kins and Lucy – 1985

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  1. February 29, 2008 8:55 pm

    I really liked this post! Your treasures are just wonderful…we love to find such things as well.

  2. matronofhusbandry permalink*
    March 1, 2008 5:37 am

    Your farm looks old too! You can probably find very old things – our area was settled so much later.

    In the paper today: new meaning for old words,
    coliseum – Lassie finds Timmy!

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