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Easter way back when

March 22, 2008

More snail mail.

Hand delivered –  from my dad to his sister
circa 1912

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Hand delivered – from my uncle to his friend from school – circa 1912
Dear George, How are you by this time?  Am fine.  This is the only card I have.  Pretty early for Easter.  As Ever, Fritz

Hand delivered to my dad from his best friend – circa 1912
from Walter to Lloyd

Walter was still my dad’s best friend by the time I finally came along.  My dad was born in 1898 and Walter was born in 1899.  Walter and his wife became my surrogate grandparents, babysitters and proxy garden and milking mentors after my fathers early death.  I was eight at the time of his death, and I had no idea how much their subsistence practices would rub off on me.  They had 5 grown sons, and they told me that I was the daughter they never had.

L – R   Lady, Walter and my dad.  Walter was picking me up for Easter services.

About 1962?  I hated getting cleaned up to go to town.  I’m sure the ordeal was similar to giving a cat a bath.  All I remember is the scratchy net slip that was sewn into that dress.  I wish I had known what secret Victoria was keeping back then!
I was exposed to measles that day at an Easter egg hunt, which just confirmed my belief that I should stay home!

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  1. March 22, 2008 4:00 pm

    LOL! I still haven’t figured out what Victoria’s secret actually is! I love your old cards.

  2. May 1, 2009 8:30 am

    Victoria’s secret – as far as I can expect, its probably some sort of itchy undies. The adverts on TV show people dying to take them off, so thats as near as I can guess.

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