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Cow ?? (and cute dog pictures)

March 23, 2008

I’ve gotten several questions about the cow post, via email.  Thanks for the ?’s, it makes me realize how much I’m getting off topic.  Although, I doubt it will actually make me stop. (Getting off topic, that is)

Homeopathy – I think I will never be done learning about homeopathy.  The subject is so broad and like most things, reading isn’t the same as doing.  Also, it is easy if you are not very sick to begin with.  Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with very many sick animals.  It will not take the place of western medicine, but works very well in conjunction with conventional practices.  We try to prevent problems through nutrition and holistic farm management practices.  It is just another tool in our kit.   Incidentally, is it easier to treat animals with homeopathy, because they do not have preconceived notions about the method.  Animals, luckily have no idea what western reductionist thinking is.  People can block things like homeopathy, which we have seen with dowsing, too.  Where homeopathy is really useful, is in pain management and stress reduction.  Who doesn’t need a little non-toxic help in those areas?

 I have a dear friend who is a ND specializing in homeopathy.  She lacks animal skills and I lack the extensive schooling in medicine that she has.  It’s like having two dogs, it takes both to make one good one!  Anyway, once you learn a remedy and its use, it becomes easier, because you can use it for people and animals, just adjusting the dose.  So that helps – you can pretty much be sure that your uterus is the same as a cow’s, just smaller.  In an earlier post titled, “Additions for previous cow post,” I listed the sources, with links if they were available.  This makes me realize I need to also finish my book page, so people can see what is available.  I consult 3 or 4 books quite often.  I have a photographic memory, so I can remember where I saw a tidbit of information.  I have often found books to be just another tool, with no single book having enough data to totally satisfy all my questions.  I realize that books are always written from experience and from one person’s viewpoint so there is no way a single book could answer every question.
Book list and what I found useful in each one:
Alternative Treatments for Ruminant Animals  – by Paul Detloff, DVM
I like this for its friendly style and good pictures.  This vet loves cows, I have met him and I seen him in action around animals, they like him too.  I disagree with his method of administering homeopathy via the vulva.  That is just a personal thing for me, I like to administer all medicines by mouth if possible, if I don’t have to force something, I don’t.  But go for it, if that is your thing…  Also he was a conventional vet before changing to organic – he’s seen everything!

The Treatment of Cattle by Homeopathy   –  by George Macleod, MRCVS, DVSM   Good philosophy, and easy to use.  Good reference

Homeopathy for the Herd – by Edgar Schaefer DVM
I bought my farm kit from this practice.  His book is good, but isn’t as easy to use as Macleod’s if your just looking for a quick answer.  But, every-ones brain works differently, and they set down information in their own style.  However, his kit is easy to use and his monthly columns in Acres, USA, are always useful.

Final thought on homeopathy – you have to be very observant of your animals.  For instance, do they always lay on one side or the other, does lameness alternate from side to side, or if they are drinking in small sips, etc.  All little things, but if your mind is somewhere else, the small stuff is easy to miss or disregard altogether.

Hand milk or  machine   – I milk by hand, I’m a fast milker and I hate to wash one more anything.  I tend to over do it on multi-tasking, so I think I would get into trouble with a machine, because I would think, “I could just sneak in one more little thing…”

Cream Separator  – Again, I hate washing and sterilizing.  I have a hand crank model and an electric model.  They are dust collecting antiques, now. I may use them in my next life or if I decide to have more than one dairy cow at a time.  I’m only milking one cow and I’m not bucket feeding the calf, so hand skimming is the simplest for me. 

 Couldn’t resist these dog pics!
Click for Full Size View

Click for Full Size View

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  1. March 24, 2008 4:52 pm

    cute dog pics!!!

  2. matronofhusbandry permalink*
    March 24, 2008 5:32 pm

    thanks – their sleeping right now, too much posing for the camera!

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