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From Muck to Bog, and I hate sweaty calves!

August 27, 2008

Gretchen Wilson is right!  You can get a decent bra at Wal Mart for half price, but rubber boots…, that’s a different story.

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Bog “Ranchers”  going on maiden voyage last night, to chase the deer out of the garden.

I live in my rubber boots, practically 365 days a year.  I hate wet leather shoes, and since I married the Imelda Marcos of work shoes, I don’t get a big work boot allowance.  DH wears his “Medical Martens” and he almost has me talked into spending the money.  But, I always cheap out and go with my good old, leather Georgia work shoes.  And, because they are cheap, greasing doesn’t make them water repellent enough for wet grass.   In the mornings, because the grass is wet, and our lawn looks like a hayfield, I wear my rubber boots until I get sweaty calves.  Now, I don’t care if my calves in the pasture are sweaty, but if my legs start getting hot, I start to get crabby, and I don’t just mean crabby, I mean PO’d big time.  There isn’t a rescue remedy I have come across yet, that will take away that feeling.  So, with all that being said, I spend the money to get rubber boots that will hold up to the rigors of me trudging around.  One winter, our friend told us we should wear stepometers for a week and see how much we walked around.  During that week we ranged from 19,000 to 32,000 steps, each one of us, every day.  Just knowing that made our feet hurt. 

If I can get 1 full year out of a pair of rubber boots, I figure that is pretty good.  I used to wear LaCrosse steel toe, then they switched to PVC and they lasted about 6 months, and then they got even thinner and I switched to Muck Boots.  I thought I was in heaven.  I can wear the tread off of my boots in one winter, so last year, just before turkey butchering time, I bought my second pair of Muck Boots.  I could tell right away, that even though they didn’t cost any less, they were a thinner pair of boots than my previous pair.  I had a leak in them in less than a month.  I have put up with it all this time – why, I don’t know.  But, the other day, I had to go buy more hay twine and price deer fencing (ugh).  So what better time than that, to shop for boots.  Ruth Less needed new boots too, and she had rebelled and got Bog boots last year, but Imelda and I had decided they looked too flimsy for us, so we had rebelled back and bought more Muck’s.  But, I was considering anything at this point, with the last rain, the hole in my boot was so big, I was putting an old plastic bread sack on my foot before putting on my boot.  Then the turkeys starting pecking and pulling on the bread sack – just what I need a hole in my bread sack too!  So I was going to consider Bogs, reluctantly… .

I found the Bog boots I wanted in the men’s section, and so far so good.  They cost less than the Muck Boots, so we will see if they hold up or not.  They are comfy, and since it was wet all day, I wore them all day and into the evening.  I even canned my applesauce while wearing them.

 It always seem like you buy a product and then the company cuts corners, or changes the style a little bit, and then you’re hunting again for quality and fit.  Although, I notice the price never seems to go down…

Other news – Henry went home today.  He was a sweetie, and girls chased the trailer out of the pasture, even Della was waddling and bringing up the rear, although she only was acquainted with Henry through the fence.  The bull guy was pretty well behaved, only asking me once if I wanted to ride in the pickup, but at least I could tell him “No, I have to break in my new boots!”

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  1. August 28, 2008 12:33 pm

    I can’t bring myself to wear boots, of any kind. I’m a barefoot kind of gal and even go out to the garden barefoot, though I know I shouldn’t. My feet are permanently brown on the bottoms, no matter how much I scrub them. Only during the winter, do my feet return to their normal skin color but even then, I walk on the snow in bare feet.

    I know what you mean about buying something, liking it, and buying another only to discover the quality has come down a notch. When I find something I really like, I buy 2 or 3 or more depending on what it is, before they go and “improve” on it.

  2. August 28, 2008 4:53 pm

    Last year is when I was first introduced to muck boots, John bought me my first pair. Initally I was less then impressed but I wear them all the time when doing my chores and in the garden (if it is not too hot out). For his b-day I bought him some Bog boots and he lives in them.
    Ten years ago I would have never pictured myself in muck boots let alone writing about them! 🙂

  3. August 28, 2008 5:29 pm

    We have rubber boots, but I don’t enjoy them as muchas you do. They are a necessity, though. Early spring and fall mornings going out to water and hay the goats and feed the chickens while coffee is steeping demand dry boots that come off and on easy. At that hour, I am too fuddled to tie laces and they only have to come off again coming into the house. We don’t call it mud season for no reason. And in the middle of the winter, crunching through the snow is no easier than the mud earlier. Wet mornings in July and August with maybe fresh cut grass lieing everywhere demand a shoe that doesn’t come back into the house.

    Last fall I just picked a likely looking candidate at the dairy supply store down the road where we buy our feed. I bought them a little tight on me so my wife could wear them also. She wears extra socks in the winter, and I make due. Even with both of wearing them, they have worn well.

    But I have other favorites and don’t wear them all the time. In the summer, I wear my crocks a lot. Sometimes they get sand in them, which irritates me. and chickens sometimes peck at my toes. And they aren’t much protection from goat hooves. Thank god we don’t have hogs or cows… But they are on and off easy and clean easily. My favorite for heavy work 8 months a year are an old pair of army boots I got at a thrift store. All Leather uppers (I know how you feel about wet leather) that lace all the way up. I like a snug well conforming boot. And something that offers ankle protection is nice as I have boney ones. They’re a little more worn than this now ( and one lace doesn’t match, but they still serve.

  4. August 28, 2008 6:39 pm

    Too true, Wally World needs to learn a thing or two about rubber boots. I splurged and bout a pair of Blunstones for Australia for those damp days of which we’ve had too few lately. I get cranky when I sweat period these days;)

  5. August 28, 2008 6:46 pm

    My spelling sucks now doesn’t it? I meant to say I BOUGHT a pair of Blunstones FROM Australia. I also have a pair of tall Muck boots that really make my calves sweat and a pair of knockoffs made by Columbia that seem to work pretty good.

  6. August 28, 2008 11:57 pm

    You know, we’ve noticed that quality issue also. My husband was born with two club feet, so his feet and ankles need boots that are more supportive and wide than most. Just when we find a good pair, they either discontinue them or the next edition of it is noticeably more poor. Do they not think the customer will notice? They’re *work* boots, after all, sold to people who work in them – we tend to notice if they don’t work as well or as long. They’d make more money if they kept the quality high and had loyal return customers. I should take a page from Jenny’s book and buy 2 or 3 pair of good boots for my husband when we find a pair he likes.

    I love my wellies. I didn’t like rubber boots until I lived in Ireland, but now I love them. I live in them from October to June. They’re easy on, easy off, easy clean – and they remind me of when I was “more than a mom”.

  7. Kristen permalink
    August 29, 2008 5:42 am

    I am cracking up over the bread bag…I can’t tell you how many times I have had to do stuff like that. And when I am in the middle of a creek and my feet are soaked I start to think “you know a better pair of boots would be nice about right now” but I quickly forget and end up buying something nice for the animals with the boot money..:-) I think I might ask for a pair for Christmas.

  8. August 29, 2008 7:28 am

    I’ve tried them all and I have to say I’m a wellies girl too. The Muck boots were the closest I found to them. Disappointing that the quality has gone south. Haven’t heard of Bog before. I’ll have to give them a look.

  9. August 29, 2008 2:25 pm

    The Muck Boots have gone down in quality, I agree. And they don’t provide enough foot support for me, so I’m always on the lookout for good deals on the Le Chameau and the like wellies in Sierra Trading Post. My current pair is just starting to crack a little around one instep, so I’m hoping for some cheap ones in the catalogues soon! I, too, wear them almost all the time.

  10. August 29, 2008 4:18 pm

    I had to laugh – first I thought sweaty calves were sweat baby cows… then even I got it.
    I love my new muck boots, I wear them folded down = no sweaty calves (or any other baby animals)!

  11. August 29, 2008 5:42 pm

    LOL! I’m wondering if bull guys are a shady lot in your area, MOH.

    As for boots, I’ve never even considered buying anything but the cheapest pair but then, I don’t seem to have much respect for my feet compared to the comments here.

    I wear rubber boots when they’re the closest thing to hand in the summer or when it really is dew/rainy season. Otherwise, I wear crocs in the summer – even to round up and load sheep. It only hurts a little when you get stepped on and I’m focuses elsewhere so I barely notice.

    As for winter, I’m a -100 Celcius winter boot girl. I’m not sure where Jenny the Crazy Woman lives but I’m a wimp when it comes to cold digits. Might be because I had frostbite bad enough to stunt the growth in all my fingers when I was a kid. Not really interested in that for my feet!

    I might look into some fancy rubber boots though, if they come insulated… I’m already preparing for the cold weather!

    Cheers all!

  12. August 29, 2008 8:56 pm

    LOL Colleen!!! I live in the mountains in West Virginia and we get our share of cold temps and snow. I like the cold, though and always look forward to wearing my wool sweaters, at last!

    When we get our chickens next year and then our goats, I’ll get some boots but they’ll likely be kicked off as soon as I don’t need ’em!

  13. September 2, 2008 10:16 pm

    Jenny, you got a rise out of Colleen, but I’m with her, I’m a wuss. It’s gotta be hot for me to be barefoot. I get stepped on too much, so it’s usually boots for me.

    I don’t know why companies change their product, they aren’t calling me, I know, and asking for ideas!

    Kim, isn’t it funny how we change, so far the Bogs are doing real well. They seem to have more support than the newer Mucks.

    Linda, we have to go to the farm stores here for boots. I didn’t notice your spelling I thought you were using your Canadian accent. aboot, eh?!?!

    MMP, I’m with you, I want my shoes to slip on or off, but when I put on my laceups that’s it for the day. We wear Romeo for in the house. That’s what’s known as a logger’s slipper around here. I get stepped on a lot, or am worried I’m going to – so I always wear boots, or heavy shoes.

    Sarah, your hubby sounds like mine, sensitive feet. His work has been buying Carhartt work boots for him, and those are OK – but a little hot in the summer. He swears by the Dr. Martens for support and comfort. I almost bought some…

    I never have worn wellies, and you know I can hardly remember the “before Mom” days. You know like when you called your hubby something besides Daddy???

    Kristen, that’s a good idea for a Christmas present, but gee you should get something prettier than rubber boots. But I know what you mean – a bag of kelp for minerals or new boots?? Kelp usually wins.

    AMWD, I’ve been happy with these new Bogs, but they are mens, the womens are too thin in the sole.

    Louise, that was the first thing I noticed on my second pair of Mucks, my feet hurt immediately, and then they started to get a leak right after I got them. So far, so good on these Bogs, I have been forgetting to take them off after morning chores, so that means they are comfy.

    EJ, LOL, my hubby wears his rolled down too. Have you seen the short ones? I like the tall, for snow, creeks, and tall wet grass, and I try to get out of them before it gets too hot.

    Colleen, the bull guy fancies himself a bull, he’s an old German, with a lusty mind and a heavy accent. 🙂 Last year when he called to get “Willy” he left a message asking if we would be around the fort? He meant the fourth, but I thought he meant “the fort” which is lingo around here for headquarters – you know Wild, Wild West and all. We laughed about that one.

    The crocs look comfy, but I’m chicken, even the calves like to linger when they step on your feet.
    That frostbite sounds painful – yikes!

  14. December 29, 2013 4:10 am

    The owner of my local feed store told me that the Muck Boot company was sold which is why they are cheaper – the new management cheaped them up a bit. Something about China, which I did not take the time to fact check but sounded plausible to me.

    They carry a similar brand to the original mucks with sturdier soles. I didn’t like the way they looked, but they’re growing on me because they are much sturdier and have better grip. I notice that the neoprine shafts are thinner though – I’ll bet that’s the part that will wear out first.

    I hate the boots rubbing on my calves so I fold them down. Try it, it’s way more comfortable and not hot at all. And, when you need to, you can just roll them back up unlike the shorties.

    Footwear makes a big difference in the quality of the day…

    • December 29, 2013 6:26 am

      It seems all the good boot companies get gobbled up by the big fish, same with the food companies 😦 I’ve had problems with the “waterproof” boots wicking in water – so I have started spraying them with silicone and that seems to work. Winter isn’t so bad, the grass is short, but during the grazing season when the grass is tall, I need my boots up and waterproof. So far the silicone seems to be working – nothing worse than wet feet when your boots don’t leak.

  15. Megan permalink
    September 27, 2016 6:23 am

    I love my Bog boots! They seem to only last me about 6 months until I get some sort of hole in them. But why, I still reorder them, is because they have a lifetime warranty. I just contact customer service and then I am able to get a new pair. Pretty sweet, deal to me! It makes the initial $100 you shell out worth it.

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