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Cats and dogs

September 10, 2010

It’s raining again, and the weather mavens are predicting a La Nina winter for the Pacific Northwest.  Which may mean a colder and wetter winter in 2010 -11.  As if we didn’t get enough rain this past spring to hold us.  I am already building a smudge every night to take off the chill of what is left of our summer.  At least I didn’t wear out my T-shirts this summer, but my sweatshirts are getting a little thin from no rest.

All that aside, the new kitties are providing hours of entertainment for us and the dogs.

I can only imagine what they are thinking.

“I’m sure glad he has that ol’ elk bone to keep him busy.”

“I’m outta here.”

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  1. petey permalink
    September 10, 2010 7:13 am

    I really love all your pics. It has been super cold over here in SE OR. this summer too! …all one week of it!

  2. finding pam permalink
    September 10, 2010 7:49 am

    Is that rain drops on corn tassels? Looks like the cat is fitting in with the dogs. What happened to kitty’s tail? All of your photos are great. We are still having heat advisories down here in east Texas. No rain for us with lots of humidity.

  3. September 10, 2010 8:14 am

    What a nice series of photos. Sorry about the rain this year. It was pretty nasty here too, but nowhere near as bad as you folks had to deal with.

  4. September 10, 2010 8:37 am

    And your weather always heads our way in the late fall, winter and early spring. After that we get weather from Arizona and the gulf.



  5. September 10, 2010 9:47 am

    Fall is arriving in splendid fashion in the Mid-Atlantic with cool temps all day. BUT we need rain again. I hope it’s not the forecast for this Fall & Winter. Somehow we’ve got to learn how to do the best we can with what we’ve got. A hard lesson to learn. I am glad I’m learning it in the good times, because it’s definitely going to be harder in the lean times.

  6. September 10, 2010 4:11 pm

    And we had one of the driest summers ever. I understand that parts of New Jersey has watering restrictions.

    I love your photos, as always! Little kitty looks like he’s got tricks up his sleeve.

  7. Chris permalink
    September 10, 2010 4:38 pm

    Great pics, as usual…what and how do you build a smudge?

  8. September 10, 2010 5:36 pm

    We sure could have used some of your rain this summer as Kansas broke a record for the driest summer in over 30 years. Hubby dug down 36 inches with a trencher for 600 feet and it was bone dry powder all the way. I hope they’re wrong about your winter..that’s like adding insult to injury! Your dogs seem to be good with the kittens. I never thought our little female Shih Tzu would ever get along with a cat but we got 2 older kittens last January and after lots of scolding she’s finally learned to accept them. She even plays with them! Never thought we’d see the day. Great photo’s. I hope you have a drier weekend….take care. Maura 🙂

  9. Susan permalink
    September 10, 2010 6:00 pm

    Just found you recently, love how we have similar things going on, but you also present ideas that goad me to think more. 🙂 I’m about an hour away, down near Mt Angel. Funny, I thought we had a pretty good summer…. but then, I spent 3 weeks of it in hot, humid Michigan! Should probably also defend myself by explaining it was the first time I’ve been off the farm for more than a week in over 20 years…

    Just got my first ripe tomato tonight, hoping and praying that the other half million (who the heck inspired me to plant 60 bushes this year???) will get a chance to color up. Might be canning spaghetti sauce at Thanksgiving at the rate we’re going!

    Lots of manx in the kitties? This one has that look — as though a friendly Aussie is tolerable and an unfriendly one can be easily put in place. 😉

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