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Work in Progress

July 29, 2014
Early morning in the garden

Early morning in the garden

Not a lot new around here.  Just the usual whirlwind of summer.  I trapped fenced in the elusive Guernsey last night.  She’s taken a liking to heading off to the tall and uncut to chill out and wait out the last days of her pregnancy.  Which means I have to go find her to check on her, if she doesn’t feel like answering my call, she doesn’t.  Who would think a 1000 pound Guernsey could hide?  I think she knows I’m carrying a digital thermometer to check her temp, so I can’t blame her…


So for now until the calf comes Jane is within sight on a couple of acres.


We’re still putting up hay for the winter.  Besides socking away food for ourselves we sock it away for the cows.  I think Cathy said it best here in the last paragraph of this post.

Cascade Ruby-gold corn

Cascade Ruby-gold corn

The corn is blooming despite the sheep munching incident.

I "helped" dig the garlic, it's to help with the vampire problem.

I “helped” dig the garlic, it’s to help with the vampire problem.


garlic curing in the barn

garlic curing in the barn

The garlic is harvested and curing.

Three days regrowth - heading into August

Three days regrowth – heading into August

The grass is growing behind the cows.

Fence building buddy

Fence building buddy

Still only one calf so far of the second set of calves due.

If only all my pastures looked this good.   Work in progress.


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  1. Sassafras permalink
    July 30, 2014 2:09 am

    Not sure if you have moose in your area, but given your interest in providing good grass for Jane and your other cows and after reading about the digestion process of cows in the butchering post I thought you might find an interest in this article:

  2. Bee permalink
    July 30, 2014 4:45 am

    Maybelle isn’t hiding from me, but she’s apparently forgotten her name and doesn’t want to come in when called. Luckily, her greed and gluttony outweigh her desire to play whatever this new game is, so she followed the oldest granddaughter in for the sake of the feed bucket (which was actually empty, but she didn’t discover that until she was actually in the milking pen). Cows are so weird…

    • July 30, 2014 5:41 am

      Yeah, I’m getting the look throughout the day, but neighbors keep telling me they are seeing a cougar on regular rounds coming out of this pasture. So having her close to the dogs and within sight helps. Or at least makes me feel better about it. She wanted to come in this morning and start the routine, so she’s ready and tired of carrying this baby I’m sure.

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