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Find the Cucumber

August 18, 2014


I firmly believe cucumbers do not want to be made into pickles…they want to hide from me and become big yellow, seed bearing boats.  Is is just me or do you always miss a few cucumbers when picking pickling cucumbers?  I have no trouble seeing the dark green of Marketmore, they never escape my grasp.

The hens have a pact with the cucumbers I think.

The hens have a pact with the cucumbers I think.

But these certainly have a way of making a fool of me.  I picked this morning, and cast aside the over-ripe fruits for taking to the hens later.  Then while watering the cucumber patch I noticed a few more escapees.  So before I made pickles this afternoon I checked again.

This is what I found.


Okay, so now I can make some pickles.  I’ll find the ones I missed this time in a few days I’m sure.

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  1. August 18, 2014 3:31 pm

    I love when you are looking for them while the cukes are escaping that you end up pricking yourself over and over again. I do this with the zukes too. Happy Hunting in the Garden 🙂

  2. CassieOz permalink
    August 18, 2014 4:15 pm

    Ahh, glad to know it’s not just me. Then there’s the argument you have inside your head about whether this one is still small enough to squeeze into a jar or should I just eat it? I’m always just terrified of not having enough pickles to last so I’ve canned a few monsters in my time (and regretted it).

  3. Bee permalink
    August 18, 2014 4:39 pm

    Too bad Lemon cukes don’t make very good pickles; they sure are a lot easier to find than something like National or Boston Pickling. Of course, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d grow them on those cucumber ladder trellises, which would probably help…

    • CassieOz permalink
      August 18, 2014 11:48 pm

      I grow mine (Nationals) on trellises but there’s always one side that’s harder to get to (without walking on the garden beds. They still manage to hide somehow.

      • August 19, 2014 4:56 am

        I almost put my greenhouse cukes on a trellis but let them sprawl, next year I think I’ll try it for sure just to keep them from heading for the hills 😉 I’ll probably still miss a few :p

  4. August 18, 2014 5:22 pm

    They are sneaky little buggers!

  5. Bev permalink
    August 18, 2014 6:12 pm

    I love making pickles. Make bread & butter, mixed pickles (with pearl onions we raise), dill and sweet pickles in the crock. Pickle other things, too. We discovered the Diamant cucumber. We get the seed from Territorial Seed Company. Have never had a bitter one and the seeds are small. Not many seeds for the price. They grow well. Make great pickles and great for eating fresh. We have the same problem with them (cucs) lurking and later finding them too big. The chickens love them. Also love giving the chickens a wheelbarrow load of weeds. In short order the weeds and any bugs are gone!
    Another thunder and lightning storm last night. Got an inch of rain. Hooray for the rain and not for the lightning strikes.

  6. m in nc permalink
    August 19, 2014 4:56 am

    We are picking the last of our cucs (Sweet Success, a long burpless variety). Because of space contraints we grow them on tomato cages. Growing a long cuc on a tomato cage does help with locating them, but if the vines are thick enough and long enough to be crawling along the ground, they can still hide.

    Last night I was making some refridgerator Bread & Butter, one good cuc(the ugly one ) .. and one pithy cuc (aack! the pretty one 😦 ). I dug through the bin and found a 2nd one that was decent.

    We do use these to make a sweet pickle that my mother likes. You can fit these long cucs into a gallon jar for the 1st 90 days of the recipe (vinegar,salt,alum,spices). Then they get sliced to pack into quart jars with the sugar.

    Your vines look nice and healthy. Ours have given up. The aphids attacked the black-eye peas and brought a disease (mosaic ?) that hit the cucs and the canteloupes. Bummer. Our garden is for seasonal vegetables, not for year long sustenance, though we do freeze beans.

    Our tomatoes are starting to come in too. We started grinding to freeze the juice for making tomato sauce / soup later this year.

    Keep up the garden reports, and updates on Jane and the boys. They look like a handful in that video 🙂

  7. Mich permalink
    August 19, 2014 6:10 am

    Yes cucumbers and courgettes are very good at playing hide and seek. 🙂

  8. August 19, 2014 8:03 am

    It is such a relief to know that we are not the only ones that struggle to find those sneaky cucumbers. And even worse I send my husband out to pick them forgetting that he is color blind. He can’t see green : ) Yeah I’m just sharp like that sometimes !

    • August 19, 2014 8:15 am

      I’m making your sliced sandwich pickles today…thanks for that tip. No one likes the little guys falling out when you’re trying to eat 🙂 Bread and butter though, dill just doesn’t fly here.

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