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April 9, 2015
Baby's first hay season.

Baby’s first hay season.

The beginning of my gray hair!!

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  1. April 9, 2015 6:10 am

    Oh I can imagine why the grey hair started then! I am so glad mine had flown the nest by the time that we started on haymaking. Lovely photo though

  2. Bee permalink
    April 9, 2015 7:39 am

    Yep, insanity is hereditary; you get it from your kids. What with worrying about the haymaking, rattlesnakes, proddy cows, big-footed horses and other dangers of the country life, not to mention how crazy they get once they become teenagers, it’s a wonder we have any hair left! Great picture, Nita!
    Hey, speaking of pictures, I know Ruthless takes most of the pictures for your blog. What kind of a camera does she use? I’m in the market for a new one…

    • April 9, 2015 9:35 am

      That’s for sure!

      She has a Canon T3i, and I’m still using the clunker Kodak :p It’s probably about half and half between us who takes the photos, unless it’s food, then definitely her.

  3. christinalfrutiger permalink
    April 9, 2015 8:30 am

    What grey hair…I don’t see any grey hair! 🙂 What a classic photo! Love it! You know you could sell those jeans now and make quite a bit of $ on them! And omg that truck is a true classic…do you still have it?

  4. Janet permalink
    April 9, 2015 9:23 am

    Love it! Adorable! Cool truck too. Yes, my gray hair started when I had my first as well.

  5. April 10, 2015 3:02 pm

    When I got back from the honeymoon I stared pulling grey hairs….I was 25. That’s a great picture ~ thanks so much for sharing…love it!

  6. Bev permalink
    April 11, 2015 5:18 am

    Now that is a happy mother and child. A month ago we got to hold our great grand daughter visiting from Idaho. She was only 7 weeks old. Wow! Are we getting older, ha. TBT we are enjoying each and every day It sure doesn’t take the little ones long to grow up!. Great truck. We have out 1966 Ford pickup. We call ours Steadfast. We have hauled hay, firewood and kids to the river. Work and happy times.

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